Driger S

Blade: Driger S

Weight: 28.2g (LOW END)- 28.5g (HIGH END)

Design: Driger S is a blade that features a top layer of plastic a middle layer where it is the weight disc of metal and the outer contact points are metal along with the bottom grey being plastic. It features a slightly aggressive shape with some potential upper.

Attack VS Attack Use:  Driger S is a blade that requires a Blader to use a strong shoot in order to be used effectively; if used on a strong shoot due to its lightweight, it can jump around and do interesting damage to other attackers. In general, for attack battles the issue is that Driger S cannot compete with blades like Dran Buster or Phoenix Wing, etc.. so it is hopeless and outclassed

Attack VS Stamina: Similar to attack, Driger S needs a strong shoot, but if used right, it can deliver strong hits and KO stuff. However, with blades like Wizard Rod and Phoenix Wing, while it may be possible to use the upper blade to KO or even Burst, it is very rare to happen.

Defence/Stamina VS Attack/Stamina: Driger S is too light to be used on defence or stamina combinations; it will burst and lose badly. 


Unique Contact Points:  Driger S, due to this slope, does well in Upper Attack, being able to launch opponents into the Over Zone or Xtreme Zone rarely.

Speed: Driger has speed that is for its benefit and to its detriment. The lightweight of this blade can allow it to go very fast, but that can lead to failing to get a hit or not even hitting your opponent, or you manage to get hits.


Overall: Driger S cannot exist in the current climate of Beyblade X it is far too weak and inconsistent. 


Attack: Driger S 3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60 Low Flat


Driger S cannot exist in the current climate of Beyblade X it is far too weak and inconsistent. As such this release should be for collection only.

Beyblades Including This Part

BX-00 Driger S 4-80P