How To Play Beyblade X / What Is Beyblade X?

What Is Beyblade X?

Beyblade X is the fourth generation of Beyblade, officially started on July 15th, 2023! This generation combines design aspects from all past generations, you have metal contact, a bursting mechanic, height variations and to top it all off this generation is focused on speed. You need to master the Xtreme Line (plastic rail on the stadium) in order to defeat your opponents!

What are the types of Beyblades in Beyblade X?

Keep in mind that a lot of times Beyblades can be more than one singular type and sometimes being officially labelled a type does not make that performance be that type.

What do I need to play Beyblade X?

You need a launcher (Winder, Entry, String), a Beyblade X top and a stadium to play!  Beyblade X tops should only be used in any stadium from the Beyblade X generation and vice versa for the Beyblade X stadiums being used with older generation Beyblades.

 1V1 Game / 3on3 Game

 1V1 Game: People only use 1 Beyblade battle to first to four points.

3on3: People put 3 Beyblades into the deckbox in private then secretly have 3 beyblades ready 

and go in the order of 1 -> 2 -> 3, the first one to get 4 points or the most wins. 

Win Conditions