Knight Shield 3-80N


Blade: Knight Shield

Weight: 32g (LOW END) - 32.6g (HIGH END)

Design: KnightShield is a blade that features a unique circular shape that features bumps that lift around on the blade. 

Defense Use: KnightShield is a pretty unique blade in that it doesn't have a traditional defence like we normally see in Beyblade. Rather, what Shield offers is the idea of counterattack. Counterattack can be defined as high recoil to tire out attack types with standing still. If you are using this on a defensive build or even a stamina one you will see glimpses of Shield throwing around Beyblades.

Stamina Use: Shield has a very good shape for its overall design and features solid enough stamina to contend with other blades like HellsScythe and WizardArrow. 

 Attack Vs Attack Use: Shield features high stamina and high recoil against beys it is facing against. Due to this along with the holes that are on the blade it is able to fly around around like crazy and give attackers beatings. You can manage to do pretty well and even outspin your opponents. 

Attack VS Stamina: Sadly even with LowFlat this is where it is going to require the skill of the Blader, Shield features a unique shape that makes it hard to get it to hit beys perfectly to be consistent for attack. 



Gameplan: Be very careful with your launch and you want to see how your opponent is launching to either hard shoot force to the center or potentially tilt to get a bounce hit on your opponent. 

Anti Attack:KnightShield 3-60/4-60 Flat/Low Flat/Taper/Rush (Anti Attack is just for Attack VS Attack stuff where it has a lot of stamina and the goal is to defeat the attacker)

Stamina: KnightShield 3-60/5-60/3-80/5-80 Ball/Orb

Defense:KnightShield 3-60/5-60/3-80/5-80 Needle/HighNeedle

Ratchet: 3-80

Weight: 7.1g



Bit: Needle

Weight: 2g





Knight Shield Features a blade that is very good for counterattack and stamina use, it is a blade that can be used to be highly effective in whatever it is applied to with some areas requiring more skill. With a solid ratchet for height and resistance and a bit that can tank hits it comes with parts that are all worth getting!