Dranzer S 3-80T


Blade: Dranzer S

Weight: 27.2g (LOW END)- 27.5g (HIGH END)

Design: Dranzer S is a blade that features a top layer of plastic a middle layer where it is the weight disc of metal and the outer contact points are metal along with the bottom blue being plastic.

Attack VS Attack Use:  Dranzer S is a blade that requires a Blader to use a strong shoot in order to be used effectively, if used on a strong shoot due to its light weight it can jump around do interesting damage to other attackers. But the issue being it does not have enough consistent against current attackers to do well.

Attack VS Stamina: Similar to attack Dranzer S needs a strong shoot but if used right it can be able to deliver strong hits and KO stuff. However with blades like Wizard Rod and Phoenix Wing it cannot do this consistently.

Defense VS Attack: Surprisingly Dranzer S used on a low height ratchet and on needle can have it where the weight disc and blade make contact with whatever attacker it fights against go flying around and force it to lose stamina. 



Overall: Dranzer S cannot work in the current climate of Beyblade X it is far too weak to be consistent, the best bet is potentially on Needle or defense setups against attack combos to troll your opponent. 


Attack: Dranzer S  3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60  Flat/LowFlat/Rush

Defense: Dranzer S 3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60  Needle 

Ratchet: 3-80

Weight: 7.1g



Bit: Taper

Weight: 2.2g





Dranzer is a remake that requires a lot of work to be used effectively but can work. If you want a blade that requires you to put a bit of elbow grease to be able to win or do crazy stuff then this Beyblade is for you. Otherwise, this Beyblade is a welcome addition to anyone's collection but not a must-have at all especially with how weak it is.