Blade: Tyanno Beat 

Weight: 36.7g (LOW END) - 37.1g (HIGH END)



Overall: Tyranno Beat's ability to beat most Wizard Rod setups and compete with Phoenix Wing makes this blade a must-have. It is a top contender in the current meta for priority of use.  

Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Point/Rush, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent via KO or outspin. On other setups you want to tilt shoot with defense and stamina setups hard to outlast your opponents. 


Attack: Tyranno Beat 3-60/9-60 / 3-70 Point / Rush / Taper

Stamina: Tyranno Beat 3-60/9-60 Ball / Orb

Defense: Tyranno Beat 3-60/9-60 Hexa / High Needle 

Ratchet: 3-60

Weight: 6.30g (LOW END) - 6.40g (HIGH END)


Bit: Quake

Weight: 2.3g





Tyranno Beat is a very solid release it is a blade that while not as powerful as the raw attack of Dran Buster has consistent enough attack to be able to beat blades like Phoenix Wing and even do very well against Wizard Rod combinations. While the issue with this blade is towards stamina a bit, it delivers consistent enough attack for this to not be an issue. It can be used on defense combinations due to weight and unique shape that tanks off some attack be better than Phoenix Wing but worse than Wizard Rod for defense. One could also use it for stamina combinations if you hard launch but not really a guarantee. 3-60 is fine here, and Spike is useless for consistent in defense and stamina. As such Tyranno Beat is a must have for any competitive blader right now but the ratchet is fine and bit is useless.