Shark Edge 1-60Q

BX-31 05

Blade: Shark Edge

Weight:  34g (LOW END) - 35g (HIGH END)



Overall: Due to heavy weight and shape this is a must-have for any collector it is an extremely good attacker.

Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Flat Taper, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent quickly. 


Attack:  SharkEdge 3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60 Flat/Low Flat/Taper/Rush

Stamina:SharkEdge 3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60 Ball/ Orb

Defense: SharkEdge 3-60/4-60/5-60/9-60 Needle/HighNeedle

Ratchet: 1-60

Weight: 6.og


Bit: Quake

Weight: 2.3g





Shark Edge is a solid attack blade that has both smash and upper attack properties making a firece blade to this day as it can target blades like Wizard Rod and do somewhat effective. 1-60 is also nice to have for attack combos due to its impact it gives attack combos, however the Quake bit while funny is very useless here unless one just wants to not pull the prize and wants this bit. Otherwise this release is a welcome addition to anyones collection.