Blade: Dran Buster

Weight: 36.5g (LOW END) - 37.0g (HIGH END)



Overall: Since this blade is heavy, it helps combat the meta of things like Wizard Rod and Phoenix Wing, which are able to fight against the current meta. This attacker has a lot to be gambled with, so if one does not want to constantly launch or have that risk, it is not recommended to pick up this blade. However, if one is okay with this risk, then Dran Buster is a welcome addition to anyone's collection.  

Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Taper or Low Flat, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent quickly. 


Attack: Dran Buster 1-60/5-60 T/LF

Ratchet: 1-60

Weight: 6.og


Bit: Accel

Weight: 2.6g





Dran Buster overall is an extremely solid pick up it features a good low height ratchet, a great aggressive bit and a solid attacking blade,  it comes with all around solid to decent parts, if you want an attacker that can do massive impact in battle this is the one to get!