Leon Claw 5-60P

BX-OO (Gold Coat Ver.)

Blade: LeonClaw Gold Coat Ver.

Weight: 30.9g (LOW END) - 31.2g (HIGH END)



Overall: Due to its awkward shape LeonClaw is an OK blade but is very hard to use consistent. 

Gameplan: LeonClaw is best on any LOW setups that uses bits like Rush for attack or Taper and or Point.


Attack: LeonClaw 3-60/5-60/9-60 Flat/Low Flat/Taper/Rush

Ratchet: 5-60

Weight: 6.6g


Bit: Point

Weight: 2.2g





Leon Claw is a weak blade not really to the factor of weight, but more where the weight is and contact points, you have to tilt really hard to make it work well and while maybe a 50 height could work it is not worth the effort, however since it comes with 5-60 and Point it makes it a good purchase to have. With the context of Rare Bey, even the rare is only at the high end of a normal Leon Claw for weight so having this is no real advantage.