Winder Launcher


Launcher: Winder Launcher

Launcher Count (amount of rotations from launcher): 8.5


This is the standard launcher for Beyblade X nothing more to say it is better than the Entry Launcher and compared to String the only difference is you could get more spin but you require more strength in launch, this is all based on personal preference.

Beyblades Including This Launcher

BX-01 Starter Dran Sword 3-60F

BX-02 Starter Hells Scythe 4-60T 

BX-03 Starter Wizard Arrow 4-80B

BX-04 Starter Knight Shield 3-80N 

BX-15 Starter Leon Claw 5-60P (White Launcher + Gold Cord)

BX-17 Beyblade X Battle Entry Set (X2)

UX-01 Dran Buster 1-60A (Black Base + Red Cord + Orange Launcher Hooks)

UX-02 Hells Hammer 3-70H (Black Base + Blue Cord + Blue Launcher Hooks)

UX-04 Beyblade X Battle Entry Set U (X2)