Wyvern Gale 3-60T

BX-24 02

Blade: Wyvern Gale

Weight: 31.9 (LOW END) - 32.2g (HIGH END)

Design: Wyvern Gale is a four-sided blade with a smooth surface and sharp edges. 



Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Flat Taper, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent quickly. 


Attack: Wyvern Gale 9-60/5-60/3-60 Rush/Taper

Stamina: Wyvern Gale 9-60/5-60/ Ball/Orb

Defense: Wyvern Gale 9-60 / 5-60 Needle/HighNeedle

Ratchet: 3-60

Weight: 6.30g (LOW END) - 6.40g (HIGH END)


Bit: Taper

Weight: 2.2g





This pull in the Random Booster is alright; it comes with a solid ratchet and bit, with 3-60 being still relevant for attack combos or other general uses; Taper is solid for attack and defence and another opportunity for a prize blade that has good use for the attack. stamina and defence. However, you should not run the stock combo because it is poor for WyvernGale; regardless, this is a must-have if one cannot pull the prize and simply wants the blade.