Cobalt Drake 4-60F


Blade: Cobalt Drake

Weight: 37.8g (LOW END) - 38g (HIGH END) 

Design: four-sided blade design with smooth but aggressive contact points.

Powerful attack potential: Cobalt Drake  has extremely heavy weight allowing it to slightly creep over the current lineup of Beyblade X releases as of March 2024. Drake has insane smash attack potential while this can be partially credited to the shape of it it is mostly due to the weight.

Attack Versus Attack Performance: In an attack versus attack since Drake is extremely heavy it naturally has a way bigger advantage compared to other attack types you would need to use more of a stamina setup on an attack blade in order to have a decent chance against Drake but it is possible to beat it.

Attack VS Defense And Stamina: Since Drake is extremely heavy it naturally again has a huge advantage against stamina in defense setups though depending on how you launch against it you could potentially be able to outspend and beat it but generally it should be able to defeat  anything against it.

Cobalt Drake On Stamina/Defense:  since Cobalt's Drake is generally tough and heavy its stamina is a little bit tricky because there are times when it can topple down and mostly winds because of the sheer weight that it has over a lot of beys.  Free defense because it's heavy it works decently well however you will need 5-60  or even 9-60 if you want to use it on defense setups or general five-sided stuff to have less of a burst risk due to the fact the Beyblade has a gap.



Overall: Due to a sheer weight alone creeping over a lot of the current Beyblade X lineup, Cobalt Drake is an absolute must have for competitive competition specifically leaning towards some attack setups but even stamina our defense can work fine simply due to the fact that it's heavy.

Gameplan: Drake is preferred to be used for low height, stamina, defense and PRIMARY attack combos for your setups.


Attack: CobaltDrake 3-60/5-60/9-60 Flat/Low Flat/Taper/Rush

Stamina: CobaltDrake 3-60/5-60/9-60 Ball / Orb

Defense: CobaltDrake 3-60/5-60/4-60/9-60 Needle/HighNeedle

Ratchet: 4-60

Weight: 6.4g



Bit: Flat

Weight: 2.3g





CobaltDrake is a solid release that offers a decent blade that has nice attack and nice stamina, it is not overpowered where it will dominate and can't lose but just does above average work that makes it a solid blade, the rest of the parts it comes with are fine.