Dran Sword 3-60F


Entry Set Red Ver.

(Entry releases are made for new players coming into the game.)

Blade: Dran Sword

Weight: 34.5g (LOW END) - 35.3g (HIGH END)



Overall: Due to the fact other releases like Phoenix Wing and other attackers not only outclass for pure attack but for other combination types, Dran Sword is a welcome addition but not a must-have currently. 

Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Flat Taper, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent quickly. 


Attack: Dran Sword 3-60/4-60/5-60 Flat/Low Flat/Taper/Rush

Stamina: Dran Sword 3-60/4-60/5-60/5-80/3-80/9-60/9-80 Ball / Orb

Defense: Dran Sword3-60/4-60/5-60/5-80/3-80/9-80/9-60 Needle/HighNeedle

Ratchet: 3-60

Weight: 6.30g (LOW END) - 6.40g (HIGH END)


Bit: Flat

Weight: 2.3g





Dran Sword overall is an extremely solid pick up it features a good low height ratchet, a great aggressive bit and a solid attacking blade, you should try to have more than one copy if you are going to use it.  It has however due to recent attack releases aged OK it is still usable but other releases like SharkEdge, ViperTail, PhoenixWing achieve this job a lot better.