Hells Scythe 4-60T

BX-OO (Gold Coat Ver.)

Blade: Hells Scythe Gold Coat Ver.

Weight: 33.1 (LOW END)  33.3 (HIGH END)



Gameplan: Hells Scythe truly is a confusing blade; depending on how you angle and strength you can either have this working very well or failing quite a bit.  It is recommended to be used with some tilt.

Ratchet: 4-60

Weight: 6.4g



Bit: Taper

Weight: 2.2g





HellsScythe is a release that requires a lot more skill and thought use via blader using it for Beyblade X, if you like something that can test how strategic you want to be in battle then this is the blade for you.  As such HellsScythe is a must-have for any competitive bladers.  As time has went on this Blade has proved to be the most versatile blade to be used on stamina for any blader to use.

As this is a copy-paste of the original HellsScythe article, the only difference between this and the original is a slight weight increase.