Wizard Rod 5-70DB


Blade: Wizard Rod

Weight: 36.2g (LOW END) - 36.8g (HIGH END)


Gameplan: On stamina and defense setups to tilt hard launch to out last your opponents, on attack setups to just flat launch it.


Attack: Wizard Rod 5-60/9-60/ T / R (Meant VS Attack types only to defend against them and out last vi stamina)

Stamina: Wizard Rod 5-60/9-60/Ball/O/DB

Defense: Wizard Rod 5-70 H / 5-60 HN

Ratchet: 5-70

Weight: 6.6g



Bit: Disc Ball

Weight: 3.2g





Wizard Rod has set the new benchmark as of May 2024 to test for stamina it beats across the board all other options when used on stamina combinations like on Ball/Orb/Disc Ball. It can used effectively in defence combinations, has some weird KO resistance on the Ball, and get saved from Bursting due to the weight. In Attack VS Attack it can outlast attackers via pure stamina. 5-70 is a solid height to use for defence combinations or to use on other combinations such as Point or even alright with Ball combinations. Disc Ball has a glaring big weakness but does have the purest raw stamina out of all current bits. This release is a MUST-HAVE to compete in the current meta of Beyblade X.