Parts / System Guide

If you prefer to see specific parts and not a whole release this section here is categorized to the specific parts. 


Blades are the main part of the direct contact with the opponent and primarily have metal contact.


Ratchets determine the height of the Beyblade, the balance of the center of gravity and the impact position of  Blade . Ratchets are what part of what triggers the Burst on a Beyblade X Beyblade by turning on impact.


Bits are what touch the stadium floor and determine what type your Beyblade is, the movement pattern, Dash Performance, and Burst Resistance.

Some bits can have different gear ratios that can directly affect the speed and movement pattern that they have.

Some bits can have varying levels of resistance depending on the shaft that the bits have, this is what helps lock together the ratchet. So if you have a low resistance bit it is easier to slide a ratchet, if you have high resistance, it takes more effort. 

Xtreme-Dash Ability

This ability refers to when any Beyblade X Beyblade uses its bit to grind on the stadium gears to build up massive amounts of speed.