Unicorn Sting

Blade: Unicorn Sting

Weight: 32.8g (LOW END) - 33.0g (HIGH END)



Overall: Due to heavy weight and shape this is a must-have for any collector it is an extremely good attacker.

Gameplan: On setups with low height on any aggressive bit that can get speed, like Flat Taper, you must hard launch and aim to defeat your opponent quickly. 


Attack: Unicorn Sting 9-60/5-60/3-60 Flat

Stamina: Unicorn Sting 9-60/ 5-60 Orb / Ball

Defense: Unicorn Sting 9-60 / 5-60 / 3 -60 / 3-80 / 5-80 / 9-80 HighNeedle


Unicorn Sting has great multi-purpose use that makes it worthy of being a balance type, because it covers so much ground it is a must-have for any collector. Especially when this blade is able to big counter blades like Cobalt Drake or even Phoenix Wing due to the design of the blade.

Beyblades Including This Part

BX-26 UnicornSting 5-60GP