Knight Lance 

Blade: Knight Lance

Weight: 32.7g (LOW END) - 32.9g (HIGH END)

Blade Use:

Uses a variety of attack potential: Capable of some upper attack (launching Beyblades into the air) and mostly smash attack (sending Beyblades into pockets). 

Attack VS Attack performance: 

An attack versus attack KnightLance can do somewhat decent Lance has a unique property due to its tapered off design with recoil that it can sometimes deflect attackers with its design. What that can potentially mean is that there could be some rounds where you could have KnightLance repelling an attacker that hits it. You're only worry will be that you could potentially get out recoiled and lose because of that but otherwise you have a decent stamina advantage.

Attack VS Defense/Stamina: 

KnightLance features a decent attack potential, while it is not the most aggressive blade in design due to its high stamina if we use a balance setup like Taper or Point that allow the combination of both attack that it has and more stamina you can attack your opponent while having a pretty good chance to outspin them at the end.

KnightLance on Stamina/Defense: 



Overall: Due to decent shape and stamina along with mixed attack properties, Lance is a solid blade to use against attackers or stamina types.

Gameplan: On setups with low height 3-60/9-60/5-60 with Taper/Point or taller setups like 3-80/5-80 you can have a unique setup that has it at its best.


Attack/Balance: KnightLance 3-60/5-60/3-80/5-80 Taper/Point


KnightLance is a welcome addition to any bladers deck as it offers solid qualities of attack and stamina properties.