Rhino Horn

Blade: Rhino Horn

Weight: 31.9 (LOW END) - 32.2g (HIGH END)

Design: RhinoHorn is a blade that features 4 focused points with a rough jagged shape.



Overall: This blade can hit very hard but can also lose stamina very fast in battle.

Gameplan: On setups with low height on bits like Low Flat or Rush that allow Rhino to either get control or fast speed to get those hard hits in.


Attack: RhinoHorn 9-60/5-60/3-60 Rush/LowFlat


RhinoHorn is a strong hard hard-hitting attacker but suffers with poor stamina, that risk can be dependent on blader if they want to take it but it is a welcome addition to any bladers collection but not really a must have. 

Beyblades Including This Part

BX-19 RhinoHorn 3-80S