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Welcome to the Beyblade X Database, the fan-run hub for any related Beyblade X information!

This site will be updated as new releases and information come along and updates. On this site, you can find details on Beyblade X products such as Beyblade's, Launchers, Stadiums, and other accessories. 

Reason For Creation:

 My father passed away on August 14, 2023, but we started this project together back in June; one of the goals with the database was to have a resource for the content we do for the information we talk about that still also helps promote the channel so we can keep on going. 

Primary Purpose Of Use:

The goal of this database is that anyone reading it can use the knowledge left over on this site to see what releases are excellent and worth getting.

Permission Disclaimer

Please do not plagiarize any images or content used or published on the wiki page, including written text, to avoid plagiarism, which also extends to videos and pictures. 

If the content is used, please ask for permission and credit the database, which would be greatly appreciated.


KIO (WBO): Competitive advice and assistance. 

Fabel (WBO): Proof reading and correction assistance. 

Sky_Shu (WBO): Assistance in finding the template to create the database.

Th!nk(WBO): Main inspiration for creating the databases from the original (,

Dan(WBO): Inspiration with their creation of the HMS Database (

DISCLAIMER: This page is fan-run and not affiliated with Hasbro or Takara Tomy.